Outreach Ministries

Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus,  All Saints’ Church supports ministries that provide opportunities for our members to impact the community and world around us.

Serendipity Shop

The Serendipity Shop is a quality consignment shop of clothing, jewelry and home goods and has been operating for more than 50 years. The shop also has a thrifty department of donated and sale items. More than 50 volunteers help to run the shop. 

Tuesday Evening Community Supper

Open to all members of the Monadnock community, the Tuesday Evening Community Supper provides a delicious and nourishing supper to all who wish to participate. In addition to the meal, the supper provides an important social opportunity to many who feel a need for greater connection in their lives.

Centro Victoria

Supporting the educational needs of children born in poverty: For the past 15 years, parishioners of All Saints' Church have been supporting Centro Victoria, a home for children who have been abandoned as results of the extreme poverty into which they were born in the City of Juarez, Mexico.  We have done this financially, spiritually, and by visiting.  Our financial support consists of a scholarship fund to give aid to those children who are able to attend higher education.

Peterborough Food Pantry

Providing volunteers as well as food donations to the mission of the Peterborough Food Pantry, which serves 13 towns across the eastern Monadnock region, All Saints’ is the sponsor of the Hungry Students Program, coordinating with the schools and the Pantry to provide healthy snacks to students in 12 schools in 8 towns.

Eastern Monadnock Provider Network

This network, initiated by the River Center leadership in September of 2017, brings together social service providers across the region, for the purpose of coordinating efforts, educating the community and each other on available support resources, knowledge sharing, and communications to foster collaboration in tackling challenges facing the entire region.

Greater Peterborough Interfaith Council

The Interfaith Council works to increase understanding and appreciation of the various faiths in the eastern Monadnock region, and to find ways to work together on initiatives in line with our shared values such as hunger and social justice.