Stewardship is the act of giving time, talent, and treasure to support our church. It is a way to give God thanks for the inspiration, spiritual nourishment, and fellowship that we receive at All Saints’. Financial stewardship is neither just about funding a budget, nor is it about feelings of obligation and guilt; instead, it is about our relationship with God, who gives us all that we have through his unconditional love. 

If you would like to give online, please click here.

Opportunities for financial giving

Weekly or monthly pledges: Regular pledges form the core of our operating income. Our systematic gifts pay for clergy, staff, music, office expenses, utilities, maintenance of our church and parish buildings, and a variety of ministries. Pledges can be made through plate offerings, by check, online, or direct deposit. 

Special offerings

These offerings are dedicated to a specific use or cause. They include gifts to the Altar Guild for flowers and replacement of linens. A much larger example is a capital gift to fund replacement and maintenance of our stained glass windows. Another example is a gift to fund a special outreach ministry, such as the Community Supper on Tuesday nights. These gifts can also be made by check, online, and direct deposit.

Planned giving

Planned gifts are pledged for the future. They may be as simple as including All Saints’ in your will or naming the church as a beneficiary of your life insurance policies. They can also be very creative, using specialized strategies. Click here for more information about how planned giving might work for you and your family.