The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 2019

Sep 01, 2019

Preacher: The Rev. Sandi Albom, Curate


All Saints' Church at Cathedral of the Pines Proper 17C - September 1, 2019 Hebrews 12:18-19, 22-24 Luke 14:1, 7-14


These are my notes from the homily on Sept 1,2019 at Cathedral of the Pines - Sandi


Dinner at the home of a Pharisee

  • Keeping a close watch on Jesus.
  • Friends close and enemies closer?” Godfather 2
  • Jesus does not disappoint
  • Previous verses, heals a man with congestive heart failure on the Sabbath
  • Everybody watches everybody else
    • But who’s watching who?
  • Seating charts/weddings - headaches
  • Jesus observes people jockeying for seating
  • Social status and position – who sits closest to the host


Jesus goes further out on a limb-

  • Invite more than the people you know
  • Poor, lame, blind – those that cannot possibly reciprocate
  • Goes against the honor/shame culture – who and how you invite increases honor
  • Reciprocal relationships – who can do what for whom
    • Our context is one of reciprocity….. not terribly different from Jesus’ time.
    • Weddings as a way to pay back social debts/expectations
    • Paying for something that benefits the powerful in order garner favor with them
    • Campaign contributions, money from PACs
      • Pay attention to those instances where….even as the majority of people favor certain measures, it is the money that drives policy


Jesus breaking into the social order, forming new groups

  • Who belongs?
  • Radical restructuring of social order calling people to do more than just exchanging favor with those than can reciprocate (Amy Starr-Redwine)
  • Jesus tells us people belong simply because all are invited to the banquet of God.


Hebrews 13: “Practical instructions for community” New Oxford Annotated Bible description


Spiritual interdependence (Bruce Epperly)

  • Remember those in prison as though you were there with them
  • Tortured, as though you yourself were being tortured
  • Being in the same body – in contrast to thoughts and prayers
  • “We cannot thrive or even survive without being dependent on each other”


Christians as one community, as a unified body, heartbroken over the suffering of one part, relentlessly seeking justice for the whole.  (Jill Duffield, 279, Connections)






SCHOOL LUNCH ROOM -perfect place to live into what Jesus is saying


We Dine Together (WDT) is a completely student-led movement. co-founded by Denis Estimon, a Haitian immigrant. After graduation, Estimon joined Be Strong as the Director and now We Dine Together is part of Be Strong, a student-led social justice movement sweeping schools across the world. We Dine Together aims to provide a proactive & comprehensive solution to schools + communities. We Dine Together is catalyst for change initiative in schools.  WDT is founded on the premise that no one eats alone and that lasting relationships and impact can happen over the table. Each club is leading change monthly in three key areas: Awareness, Acts of Kindness and Advocacy. We Dine Together, Kennett High School, N. Conway, NH


Jesus calls us to a wider consciousness…..Into a place of humility

  • Don’t look to sit in a place of prominence, for you take a chance at bringing shame upon yourself when you are asked to move. Become humble.


 Jan Richardson –


 “At the root of humility is the Greek word humus. Earth. The earth that God made and called good, the earth from which, as one of the creation stories goes, God fashioned us. Humility is our fundamental recognition that we each draw our life and breath from the same source, the God who made us and calls us beloved. Humility does not only prevent us from seeing ourselves as more deserving or graced or better than another. It compels us also to recognize that we are no less deserving or graced than another.”


“Humility enables us to recognize our dependence on the One who fashioned us as well as our kinship with those who share this earth, this humus. In practicing humility, we leave room for the surprising and graced ways that God works—beyond expectation, beyond privilege, beyond status—at the table and in every place beyond it.”


Sept 10th Community Supper begins again


Now is an opportunity to consider just what community supper means to us as a parish and as a place of gathering.

  • Is community supper something we provide for others?
  • Are we a part of that community too?
  • What would it mean to have more of All Saints’ share in this common meal?
    • To embrace getting to meet and know others outside of our own group.


Let us watch Jesus closely at the party

  • Accept Jesus’ invitation to humility
  • Christ freeing us from the bondage of our seating charts
  • Accept the gift of…. Spiritual interdependence
  • Attending to God’s presence in every relationship.
  • Knowing each member of the community as our own flesh and blood
  • Receiving blessings that invite us into deeper relationships.
  • Free of the economy of exchange, to one of openness to receive, as well as to give
  • Treating everyone (ourselves included) as though we are angels in the making